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Thursday 22 de May de 2014
Atípics, la primera preincubadora para los jóvenes

Atípics es la primera preincubadora que facilita a los jóvenes la puesta en marcha de ideas positivas.

  • Estimulan e impulsan el emprendimiento responsable entre los jóvenes, capacitando personas y proyectos
  • Detectan ideas positivas con un gran potencial y...


We want to spread and share the knowledge generated in projects in which we participate. The space provided for each project will contain information describing it, a blog where you can share the experience and links to team members of each initiative


Laboratories are areas of disclosure on a topic of interest to the network. We will also use this formula to develop and demonstrate prototypes of projects, products or business initiatives. A third application of the LAB is the organization of ThinkTanks around a field of research.