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If you choose Add feedback is required to put name and will appear, no files saved in The Project. Each participant is free to publish your name or post under a nickname. If required to email e-mail, this will not be published, but not stored in files of The Project, limitations in the event that an interested party wishes to contact any of our partner companies, facilitating data the company concerned to allow such contact, and is the responsibility of the undertaking concerned to comply with applicable law for the protection of personal data. The name and e-mail (if required) are stored on the server system that is contracted theproject.ws in order to press notices automatic responses in the talks. The Project can see that data, and if necessary you can contact those involved, but not copy them or store them in a different location of that server. It is the responsibility of managers of outsourced server to keep all security measures for personal data are fully protected under law.

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Rules for participation in its space theproject.ws Add Comments:

The space is created theproject.ws participation for participation in discussions and publish ideas or opinions. Its aim is to remain open and accessible to everyone, subject to compliance with rules of coexistence and respect basic. Messages that do not meet these basic standards will be eliminated. According to these guidelines, this guide aims to provide a line of conduct for our space elemental "Write Comments":

1. No flames, messages or racist, sexist, promoting violence, or similar, or other punishable under Spanish law. Also not be tolerated under any circumstances, whatever their view, attempts to impersonate the identity of third parties or publication of private contact details.

2. Neither approve spam, and those with links to sites that have nothing to do with why the article of the conversation.
3. Admitted right messages and educated for an exchange of opinions, so do not allow personal attacks. Avoid capitalization.

4. Messages from participants are the responsibility of the authors. theproject.ws not responsible for the content of opinions issued by the participants in their spaces to add comments. This space is a means of public communication, not private.

5. Moderation is always calculated to theproject.ws back of the publication and in any case theproject.ws reserves the right to remove, for any reason and without notice, any content generated in the areas of participation, entire conversations blocks, even complete the module to add comments to any of the pages that are included.

6. For any questions or suggestions, inappropriate messages, etc., write to webmaster@theproject.ws



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