AGBAR Gestión del Conocimiento


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AGBAR Gestión del Conocimiento

Design and implementation of the Strategic Plan for Knowledge Management Agbar Group. Communities of Practice, Work equipment for the development of domains, social web technology platforms, new leadership ...

The project began in 2009 with the design of the road map of a Knowledge Management plan capable of bringing to the knowledge of the organization and make it serve all stakeholders in each of the domains, to serve the efficiency of internal operations and available to make it worth the Agbar group could offer its customers and stakeholders. From this conceptualization have implemented several initiatives, both organizational, technological and corporate governance.


  • María Jesús Salido
  • Ana Rodera
  • Marian Ríos
  • Mercedes Catalán
  • Ricard Espelt


  • Agbar Gestión del Conocimiento

  • Dinamización CoPs-Trabajo en Red

  • Gestión del Conocimiento en entornos corporativos

  • Mesa Redonda: Talento y Colabración en Redes



  • Foto Agbar
  • gestión del conocimiento, AGBAR
  • gestión del conocimiento, AGBAR
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